Camouflaged Solutions

  • Revenue Increase
  • Faster Time to Service
  • End User Qos and Qoe
  • Energy Efficiency

The mobile devices massification poses a challenge to telecom operators: how to improve Quality of Service (QoS)?
This leads to the need of ensuring a high quality service in areas closer and closer to the users.

This goal, frequently faces many hurdles which require new approaches and strategies in order to implement a telecommunications station.

Aware of this reality, Telcabo is a leader in providing solutions that enable the concealment (camouflage) of the Telecommunications various infrastructures by harmoniously integrating them into the surroundings, guaranteeing minimal environmental impact.

Assuming a role of mediator between telecom operators and entities, either public or private, Telcabo offers a wide range of solutions with unparalleled quality:

  • Camouflaged Torres (pine, palm, cypress);
  • Camouflaged/buried technical shelters;
  • Adaptation and integration of antennae to match the installation site.