Telcabo is a Portuguese company, founded in 1986, and its history is strongly linked to the development of Telecommunications sector, in Portugal and abroad, where its contribution and activity was pioneer in several countries and projects.

Initially mainly focused on the fixed telecommunication networks, with the launch and development of cellular networks, in the early 90s, got a unique opportunity, which successfully handled it by providing high quality services and execution capacity second to none, while developing a range of solutions which solved existing limitations and drove the market. All based in in-house engineering and manufacturing.


With the continued expansion of the telecommunications market, Telcabo started, still in the 90s, the first steps towards internationalization and entrance in the energy market, which enhanced the comprehensiveness and completeness of its offer, besides increasing the profile among the most important customers.

Today, Telcabo continues to offer a full range of services and solutions, based on a strong technical and engineering capacity, with in-house resources and a professional executive team, supported by the most modern information and management systems.

After 30 years, Telcabo remains fully dedicated to support the most demanding customers, in the national and international market, and to provide them high levels of service and quality.