Renewable Energy

  • Revenue Increase
  • Opex Reduction
  • Energy Efficiency

Benefiting from the huge potential offered by Portugal in renewable energies, such as wind and solar, Telcabo built the required skills for the development, evaluation, supply and installation of renewable energy projects.

Totally focused on the customer and ensuring maximum quality, Telcabo provides a wide range of solutions and technologies aimed for various uses

For example:

  • Photovoltaic Energy production in-grid/off-grid;
  • Solar Thermal Energy Production for water heating;
  • Isolated energy production systems
    • Control / Automation Systems.
    • Irrigation Systems;
    • Public lighting Systems;
  • Hybrid Power Generation Systems;

Evidence of the involvement in this field, Telcabo was in December 2006, the first company, in Portugal, to install and connect to the Medium Voltage Network a Solar Farm: Valadas Solar Farm (400kW). Since then, it has been involved in the design, licensing, supply and installation of systems producing over 5 MW.