Implementation Projects

  • Faster Time to Service

The tremendous competition in telecommunications, forces operators to continuously innovate, to introduce new services and new technologies.

In this demanding scenario, time becomes a ruthless factor limiting the desired preparation and ability to obtain resources required to support growth plans and the introduction of new technologies.

With a service offering which allows, from the first day, in an organized and planned manner, the implementation of telecommunications projects, whether these are network development projects, introduction of new technologies or services, Telcabo provides immediate access to a wide range of talented resources and experience which will ensures success and fulfilment of defined timelines.

Assuming project ownership and accountability, by the establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA), Telcabo becomes a true partner, working in total harmony and alignment with the operator’s objectives, enabling it to focus on its customers and the development of its business.

Offering total flexibility, Telcabo services can be adapted to meet any project timelines and collaboration mode, ranging from simpler Turnkey solutions to Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) solutions and others.