• End User Qos and Qoe

Sound network operation is key for the provision of a quality service and to maximize the utilisation of network resources.
In this context, the maintenance activities are of upmost relevance and the possibility of accessing skilled resources, always available, meeting service levels (SLAs) is the right option, freeing operators to focus on their business and customers.

With service packages for both preventive and corrective maintenance, Telcabo services aim at network maximum availability and lifetime maximisation of a wide range of assets and equipment:

  • Active equipment/ Central Offices
  • Technical Shelters
  • Rectifiers / Batteries / UPS
  • Diesel Generators (DG)
  • Air conditioning
  • Fibre Chambers

All this activity is enhanced by the logistical capacity of Telcabo, guaranteeing the whole process and sending/collecting materials or equipment (forward & reverse logistics)