OH&P workers

From your team in the UK, herewith what we think that would be the right approach to escort new HR to the business, take a look and revert back to us in case of any queries, we would like to get some tractions here and willing to help sort out the HR internal and external procurement.


To strengthen operations in United Kingdom, we are selecting:

  • OH&P workers


Psychological State of art


  1. Learning Mode: Needs to know English or willing to learn and can.
  2. Character Strength: Good response to responsibilities.
  3. Competitiveness: Achieving goals and wanting more.
  4. Motivation: Needs to be all situations of work.
  5. Assurance: That what’s has been done, has been done correctly.
  6. Adaptations: Able to works in the box and outside.
  7. Business transformation: be able to transform the task to increase efficiency, bring new ideas to deploy the tasks
  8. Keen: to work for a team and ready to deliver the service on client target
  9. Level of trust: Needs to trust and to be trusted by all team members.
  10. Sociability: Good relationships with all teams and Contractors.
  11. Nervous Tension: Needs to be able to sort out any difficulties or pressure along works.
  12. Emotional Maturity: How is his personal state of mind? (Divorced or Single)
  13. Energy: Abel to adapt to difficult work and weather conditions.
  14. Responsibilities: “good house keeping”
  15. Screening: Health Screening  



  • Minimum 1 year experience ORAP;